Compiling: GBDK

Downloading and Installing

This page is outdated. Take it with a grain of salt.
Have a look here for the latest version.

GBDK is also available by anonymous CVS from sourceforge - have a look at the project page.

Installing GBDK requires the following steps:


You must have gcc, gnu make and /bin/csh for building GBDK.


You must have at least a 386 DX processor, and a DOS Protected Mode Interface (DPMI). For instance, Windows 95 provides a DPMI. You can also get one from here.

The GBDK distribution includes a batch file (gbdk.bat, by Mark Rawer) that automates many of the steps below, and that enables to install the GBDK distribution in any directory. You'll have to edit and modify the first lines of this batch file before executing it.

Michael Hope
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